Maps of the Empires

Cartographers’ Group

Who we are?

We are a group of cartographers, united under one brand to help each other, be it a collaboration projects, or just exposure.

What are we doing?

Each cartographer present here provides unique range of services, based on their skill set.

You will be able to see what each of us provide in detail on dedicated sub-sites.

How do we operate?

Currently, this is not much more than a group of friends. I do not charge for featuring cartographers under this brand, so, there is no price increase, or other caveats, at the current moment.

Each cartographer is independent in their pricing and work ethic, but i will not feature someone who im personally not confident enough in.

Most importantly, this is a platform of professionals

Cartographers featured here are mostly doing this for multiple years commercially, both as freelancers for projects, and as asset creators for cartography community. I am striving to provide a suitable way for them to showcase all aspects of services they are able to perform.

Their works and assets will be featured both on this main site, and on respective sub-sites they own.